Who We Are

Our Calling

Who is God calling us to be?

LOVE unconditionally
We are called to love God in Christ and all people unconditionally.

GIVE generously
We are called to give all we have generously - our time, our resources and our talents.

SERVE selflessly
We are called to serve all people and our Earth selflessly - those in greatest need and all God has made.

CONNECT deeply
We are called to connect deeply, to God and to others, by participating in the Sacraments, engaging in relationships and belonging to a community of fellow Christians.

Our Vision

What is God's vision for us? The vision of St. Paul’s Cathedral is: 

  • To proclaim the Gospel of God in Christ
  • To respond to human need by shining the light of Christ
  • To seek to be open to and led by the Holy Spirit
  • To sustain and renew faith in all seasons of life 

Our Action

What action do we take to fulfill our vision? We see our work at St. Paul's as an opportunity:

  • To continue and strive for excellence, depth, and tradition in our glorification of God through liturgy, music, and preaching
  • To broaden and engage with opportunities for all to serve and lead
  • To develop and encourage small groups within the larger church community to build relationships, to experience spiritual disciplines and deepen faith in God
  • To provide paths to hands-on, meaningful and impactful service to the greater community

Our Co-Missions

What do we charge our leaders to do in order to live into the callings, carry out the vision and take action?

WORSHIP- Our liturgy is an interactive response between the clergy and the people based on The Book of Common Prayer 1979. The liturgy includes readings from scripture, prayers, preaching, and the celebration of the sacraments. Our services and liturgical life is enhanced by music. We have a rich heritage of excellent music. There are a number of ways for the congregants and the clergy of the church to be involved during a service.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION (FORMATION) - Part of growing in faith is to be formed as a disciple. We offer classes of all kinds for children, youth and adults, all designed to help understand Scripture and the Church. It is through our constant pursuit of learning that we grow deeper in our faith journey. Many of our Sunday school classes are offered at 10:10 a.m.. There are other opportunities for study throughout the week as well.

PASTORAL CARE - We care for each other’s mind, body, heart and soul through a team of lay leaders and clergy who are trained to offer care in many different ways. We are with you when you cannot be with us bringing communion, prayer and support.

SPIRITUALITY - Each of us is on a journey of faith. We are searching in many different ways as to how we can deepen our relationship to God and to one another. How we integrate God into our daily lives and how does God inform our everyday choices? We provide numerous small group opportunities for spiritual development and spiritual health.

FELLOWSHIP - Gathering together with old friends or new acquaintances for coffee or a good meal, conversation or prayer, is important to building community. Throughout the year we set aside times for coming together where we can get to know one other. These are times for us to share laughter and tears, experiences and stories, seek help and give of ourselves.

OUTREACH - We are a downtown parish that reaches out to the community with love and grace, resources and assistance. We have a variety of opportunities for serving our neighborhood and also the greater Oklahoma City community, and as the Cathedral, our entire diocese. One of the most important things we can do is to serve others with a sense of God’s love and hope being available to all.

BUILDING & GROUNDS - We are blessed with a beautiful campus. Some of our buildings are over 100 years old and some are fairly new and together they form a oasis in the heart of Oklahoma City. From St. Paul's elegant stained glass windows, to the our one-of-a-kind pipe organ, to the old hard wood floors, to the courtyards and gardens, each aspect is cared for and kept in prime condition. The volunteers of the Building and Grounds Commission are committed to the care and maintenance of our facilities.

FINANCE - The Finance Commission oversees our church budget, investments and policies that direct us in being good stewards of the gifts we are provided. This is a vital aspect of our ministry. It is through good financial stewardship that we can grow, reach more people and share God’s message of love and hope with many.


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