120th Anniversary at 7th & Robinson

Celebrating 120 Years at 7th & Robinson

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Since April 4, 1904, St. Paul's Cathedral has dutifully served the community from its enduring location at the northeast corner of N.W. 7th and Robinson. Over the decades, St. Paul's has stood as a spiritual cornerstone for the neighbors of Downtown Oklahoma City and has held the esteemed position of Cathedral for the Diocese of Oklahoma. Throughout its history, the Cathedral has weathered various cycles, consistently supported by unwavering faith. Since 1982, the Cathedral has undertaken expansions, evolving into a 2-acre campus with 4 buildings, encompassing 45,000 square feet alongside splendid worship spaces and gardens. Currently, the Cathedral is honored to be home to over 1200 members. St. Paul's Cathedral stands as a revered sanctuary on Earth, serving as a conduit to the divine realms above. We ask you to join with us in celebrating 120 years, and praying for the next 120, as we continue to be a place where serve our beloved city by offering a place where all are welcome, and all are invited.


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