The Cathedaral Organ

John-Paul Buzard Organbuilders, Inc. Opus 20

Buzard Opus 20 | 28 straight-speaking stops 3 ranks across two manuals and pedal

When the Murrah Building was bombed in April, 1995, St. Paul's Cathedral was heavily damaged which included the total loss of the Cathedral's pipe organ. Recognizing the significance of the music program as a vital part of the church, St. Paul's leadership determined to replace the damaged pipe organ with a comparable (or better) one.

According to the Buzard website:

"The Cathedral's music program is top-flight, and includes committed Parish volunteers and paid singers; the music ranges from renaissance motets through the best modern Anglican anthems. The organ was completed ahead of schedule and used at Solemn Eucharist celebrated by the Presiding Bishop. During his sermon, he pointed to the new instrument as the final symbol of the Cathedral's resurrection from the bomb damage calling it, 'a symbol of the Cathedral being fully alive.'

"This was our first Cathedral organ. It was an awesome responsibility to capture the essence of the Anglican Tradition, and engrave it in wood and metal in this highly visible and vital outpost of the Anglican Communion. Into this place had to be build the quintessential Modern Anglican Organ."

John-Paul Buzard | Champaign, Illinois

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