Hasina Aimaq Guest Speaker & Lunch

Hasina Aimaq Guest Speaker & Lunch

June 14, 2024

Join us for an inspiring lunch on Sunday, June 23 at 11:30am in Dean Willey Hall with esteemed guest Hasina Aimaq. Read Hasina's incredible Biography HERE.

St. Paul's has been praying for Hasina and her family for some time. Her friend and St. Paul's member Susan McCalmont says: “I want to thank everyone at the Cathedral who has prayed for Hasina and her family since their escape from Kabul, Afghanistan in September, 2021.  I met Hasina in 2019 through a business mentorship program and continued a relationship with her to provide a retail market for items made by Afghan women through my gallery.  We planned on a December 2021 exhibition in Oklahoma City and Hasina sent a box of sample work by the women to my gallery.  As the DHL box was in transit to Oklahoma City, Hasina reached out to me for prayers and assistance with escaping the country.  I had no background in immigration law and found myself floundering trying to help without experience or knowledge.  Dean Katie and members of the Cathedral were incredibly supportive with prayers as I navigated these unchartered waters. Through miraculous connections, Hasina and her family were able to escape on one of the first private airlifts out of Kabul.  Hasina, her mother, husband and two children now live safely in Toronto. Hasina just received an expedited visa to travel to US that was applied for in 2021 and will be here in Oklahoma City next week.  She will be reunited with her 2021 DHL box when she arrives containing the only items from her Kabul home as they fled with nothing. I am so thankful for the prayers and support of my Cathedral family and look forward to everyone welcoming her on Sunday, June 23rd!"

Susan McCalmont
Founder & Director | 1515 Lincoln Gallery
(405) 593-1063



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